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  • Thank you for visiting the Harper College Scholarship Application Tool! If you have never accessed this system, click on Sign Up to create an account and begin accessing the system. If you have already created an account please click on Sign In and enter your preferred email address and the password you chose when creating your account. In order to apply for scholarships you need an application on file at Harper.

  • Complete the General Application. By completing the General Application, you will be recommended opportunities for which you may apply based on your answers to the questions on the General Application.

  • There are other opportunities for which you may qualify once your General Application is submitted. These are called Automatch opportunities and you do not need to take any additional steps to apply once your General Application is submitted.

  • If you are awarded a scholarship at any time, you will be notified via email and through a notification which you can view on the Applications page of this Scholarship Application Tool.

  • Listed below are all Harper College scholarships. If you have completed your General Application, you may be already automatically considered for some of these. The listing also includes scholarships for which you may be eligible. Click Apply to answer questions specific to each recommended scholarship, then click Finish and Submit. After completing the scholarship-specific application(s), you will be able to view your Active applications for scholarships on the Applications page.

  • Keep in mind that scholarships opportunities may be available throughout the academic year. Please continue to check your Recommended Opportunities for updated information.

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There are not any opportunities available.