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Susan's Scholarship

We award “Susan’s Scholarship” each year to a single parent who is pursuing a nursing degree at Harper College. Susan graduated with her nursing degree from Harper College in 1977 while raising three young boys. For Susan, nursing was not only a means of supporting herself and her family, it was a springboard to making friends and earning respect all over the world. People loved her quick humor, her willingness to take charge, her competence, and her service to communities in need. Although she enjoyed helping communities recover from disasters through her work with FEMA, she took the most pride in the accomplishments of her children and their families. Susan balanced her work life with single parenting, always finding time to drive to one more swim meet or make one more costume. She saw her children off to college and careers, and delighted in spending time with them and their families. Beyond her own family, Susan was like a mother (or grandmother in later life) to young people everywhere — from her boys’ friends when they were young to the children of her boys’ friends when they were adults. She left behind several generations who wish to carry on her legacy, and we hope that through this scholarship you will become part of this story, too.