Urban Properties Group Fall 2023 Scholarship-Do you have an interest in the impact of emerging technologies in the real estate industry? If so, this scholarship might be for you!

Urban Properties Group Fall 2023 Scholarship
The Urban Properties Group Fall 2023 Scholarship is open for applications!
Urban Properties Group is a full-service real estate agency based in Houston, TX dedicated to finding your dream home or apartment.
About the Scholarship
Urban Properties Group was built with an entrepreneurial spirit. Many of our agents are college graduates and we are aware of the significant impact a college education can make on one’s career. For this reason, we want to encourage students to continue pursuing a higher education. This upcoming Fall 2023 semester, we are thrilled to be issuing a scholarship to assist university students with an interest in real estate or entrepreneurship.
The selected winning applicant will receive a $1,000 scholarship to use towards acquiring a higher education degree.
This scholarship will be offered to any undergraduate or graduate college/university student. You must be a U.S. resident attending an Accredited University in the United States during the Fall semester of 2023. All majors are welcome to apply.
How We Decide the Winner
Urban Properties Group’s internal committee will determine the winner and make a notification in July 2023.
The scholarship will be paid directly to the University to be used for tuition and/or on-campus room and board.
How to Apply
To apply you must submit a 300-word essay about your predictions on the impact emerging technology will have on the real estate industry in the next 10-20 years
Please try to stay within the word limit
Title email subject line “UPG Scholarship Fall 2023 Application – First Name Last Name”
Attach proof of enrollment (a copy of Fall ‘23 semester course schedule or a copy of Fall 23’ semester tuition bill – a phone shot is fine)
Attach your essay (UPGScholarship_FirstnameLastname.pdf)
Email your submission from your school email address ending in .edu to info@urbanleasing.com
Deadline and Award Date
All submissions must be submitted by May 31st. Winners will be selected and notified in July 2023.
Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to be notified of future scholarship opportunities.
Ownership of Entries & Privacy
Please note that upon entry of the scholarship contest you agree to our terms and conditions. All entries submitted to Urban Properties Group along with all copyright, trademark, and other proprietary rights associated with the submission, become the property of Urban Properties Group. We will expect the winning applicant to consent to an announcement containing the use of their name, school or university they attend, and photograph as means of promotion for future applicants.

check out our web page: https://urbanleasing.com/scholarship