Pheabs Finance Scholarship-If you are majoring in Finance, Accounting, Mathematics, Economics, Business, Management, Technology and are interested in making good economic decisions then this scholarship may be for you!

Win A Share Of $2000 Towards Your Education!
Pheabs mission is to help raise financial awareness so that everyone makes responsible fiscal decisions. Pheabs Financial Awareness Scholarship seeks to champion students who share the same values. Our $2000 award offers 3 students the chance to win a contribution towards their education with the 1st place winner receiving $1000, and both 2nd and 3rd place receiving $500.
Students Can Now Apply For Pheabs Scholarship Program
Pheabs is proud to offer a Scholarship to future and current college students majoring in Finance, Accounting, Mathematics, Economics, Business, Management, Technology and any others preparing for an exciting career in the finance industry.

Our mission is to help Americans make good economic decisions. We believe the best way to achieve this is through financial awareness, with better understanding and smart choices, and so this is reflected in the theme of our scholarship.

Applicants will be judged based on the submission of an essay, with the opportunity to win a share of $2000. The scholarship funds will be sent straight to the college or university that the winner is attending or plans to attend, to be put towards their education.

Essay Requirements
For this year’s scholarship, we ask for students to create a 500-800 word article titled “Why Society Should Become Increasingly Aware Of Their Financial Decisions”. The essay should be 12-point font, Times New Roman, double-spaced and with 1-inch margins.

Who Can Apply For Pheabs Scholarship Award?
To qualify for Pheabs Financial Awareness Scholarship, students must:

Have an average GPA of at least 2.5
Be a current or future college student (i.e. a high school senior)
Complete an essay submission
How To Apply For Pheabs Finance Scholarship
To apply for Pheabs Scholarship Award, you will need to email with the following information:
Please note the following important deadlines for Pheabs scholarship:
Start Date: 7th November annually
Due Date: 7th August annually
$2000 Awarded: 17th August annually
The winners should respond within 10 days of the announcement, otherwise another winner will be chosen. The scholarship funds will be sent directly to the college or university that the winners are attending or plan to attend no later than 10 days from the time each student has been notified of their success.
Entries must be unique and any plagiarism will be rejected. Essays containing false information or falsified documents will be disqualified. The scholarship is open to all applicants regardless of national origin, military status, religion, gender, race, religion or disability.
Submitted applications will be reviewed by a neutral representative from Pheabs and the $2000 will be awarded as 3 separate prizes ($1000, $500 and $500) to the applicants deemed most successful at the sole discretion of Pheabs. Subject to the winners’ approval, Pheabs may publish the winners’ name on its website. The scholarship award will be sent to the winners’ current school of attendance or future educational place they plan to attend. The school will then disburse the award as a financial aid.

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