Blankstyle Scholarship-We are a clothing/apparel marketplace who knows and understands how difficult it is to pay for college. This merit based scholarship might be for you.

We are a wholesale clothing marketplace. Many of our customers are students or teachers utilizing apparel for organized events.
Additionally many of our employees were recent students. In 2017 we established a scholarship fund as a way to give back.
Each year we hear from so many inspiring students and wish we could award scholarships for all as we believe each student is amazing and has a bright
future! In our effort to provide scholarships to even more students, we offer our scholarship bi-annually and we are currently accepting
submissions for the next scholarship cycle. Please join us for our next round of scholarships by sharing the $1000 Blankstyle Scholarship on your
external/outside scholarships page to provide your students with this opportunity. We look forward to hearing from more gifted students soon and
best of luck to all in 2023!

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