Smart Saving Scholarship from Dealspotr-Do you have some creative and smart ways to save money? If so, this scholarship might be for you!

It’s never too early to start saving money. We at Dealspotr have seen, time after time, high school and college students often come up with some of the most creative and smart ways to save money — techniques and ideas which, frankly, everyone could really learn from. Our Smart Savings Scholarship is a celebration of those ideas. Every quarter, we’ll award $500 scholarships to three students around the U.S. who share with us the answer to the question: What’s the most creative way you’ve saved money? Saving money could mean……Strategies you crafted to save up for college, a car, the prom, or anything else. A plan you made in a club or organization to help the budget
Your best tip for getting deals or discounts when you’re shopping. To enter, create a short TikTok or YouTube video (less than five minutes, preferably around 2-3 minutes) to share your savings tip. Tell the world how you’ve saved money. Our editors will review every submission and we’ll select three that provide the most helpful, unique, and creative advice to each receive a $500 scholarship.

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