TastyPlacement.com Academic Scholarship-If you can write a creative haiku on any marketing topic, then this scholarship might be for you.

TastyPlacement Academic Scholarship Program for Undergraduate and Graduate Students—-Earn up to a $1,000 College Scholarship | TastyPlacement Is Now Accepting Applications for 2024—-About the Scholarship—-TastyPlacement Gives Back! TastyPlacement is an SEO and digital marketing company and we wish to promote education and ease the pain of educational expenses which we know quite well. Who Is Eligible for the Marketing Scholarship? We are offering this scholarship to any undergraduate or graduate (Masters, Doctorate, etc.) college or university student, US Resident, either attending or accepted to an Accredited US University. We are calling it a Marketing Scholarship–but it is open to students in any field of study. The Selection Process—-TastyPlacement’s internal committee will determine the winner and notify them. Winnings will be paid directly to the University (unless not feasable) to be used towards graduate or undergraduate tuition and/or on-campus room and board!

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