2016/17 Animal Compassion Undergraduate Scholarship Award

Pet Insurance U is excited to announce the 2017 Animal Compassion Veterinary Scholarship Award! This scholarship program is open to veterinary undergraduate about_whowearestudents enrolled in a degree program at an accredited institution. Who should apply? Applicants with extracurricular community outreach experience, with an interest in animal advocacy and combatting animal cruelty. This scholarship focuses on the need for future veterinary professionals to use their digital reach to engage and educate the public on matters related to fair treatment for all animals. These efforts are aimed at fostering:
•Public literacy of research supporting animal sentience
•Raising awareness about various types of animal cruelty

Educating the public on the research and science of animal emotions is the duty of every future veterinary professional. Sadly, this task is left for news media outlets and important messages are often obscured by sensationalized study results, catchy news headlines and oversimplified research summaries.

Public outreach efforts by veterinary professionals can meaningfully sway public opinion on issues related to animal rights. If your educational and personal history includes ongoing efforts to change people’s minds about the mistreatment of animals, please apply for this year’s scholarship award — we would love to hear your story.