2016 Illinois Hospital Research & Educational Foundation Constituency on Volunteers of the Illinois Health and Hospital Association

1. Any student currently ENROLLED or ACCEPTED into a certificate or degree conferring
hospital related health care sequence is eligible (such as medical schools, dental schools,
nursing programs, pharmacy schools, radiology technology programs, occupational/
physical/speech therapy, etc.) Students in general course of studies programs (i.e. pre-med,
general education courses, liberal arts, etc.) are not eligible.
2. Applicants enrolled in an associate degree or hospital-based program will be considered their
first year (such as radiology techs, nuclear medicine techs, RNs, cardiac rehab techs, etc.)
3. Applicants must be Illinois residents.
4. The school to be attended need not be an Illinois institution; however, it must be accredited
or recognized as an approved program by the appropriate agencies.
5. Students having less than one academic year remaining until graduation are not eligible for
6. In order to be competitive, a 3.5 GPA out of 4 points or a 4.5 GPA out of 5 points is necessary.
1. IHREF scholarships are given on an academic year (4 quarters or 2 semesters), based on the
student’s scholastic achievement, financial need and the availability of funds.
2. A $1,000 award to be applied toward tuition, fees, or books will be sent to the authorities as
designated by the scholarship recipient.
3. If a recipient drops out of school while the award is in effect, funds must be returned
commensurate with the school year remaining. (For example, for one-half of the academic
year, one-half of the award must be repaid.)
4. Selection of recipients is made in June. Only the scholarship recipients will be notified.

1. Send all documents to: Scholarship, The Illinois Hospital Research and Educational
Foundation, 1151 East Warrenville Road, PO Box 3015, Naperville, IL 60566.
Questions, contact Renna Lemberis at 630-276-5498 or rlemberis@team-iha.org.
2. Completed application and references must reach IHREF by APRIL 15, 2016.