Packaging, Print and Graphic Design Scholarship Program-promote study in the packaging, print, and graphic design

Background to the scholarship

At GlobalVision, we are passionate about promoting the packaging and print industry. We understand that high quality packaging and print design plays a vital role in the success of brands and businesses across the globe. This sector is rapidly expanding and is now more important than ever, it’s also one of the fastest paced areas in the industry.

Innovative designers are pioneering new ways to produce products that are more sustainable, marketing departments are striving to create beautiful designs, and the market is rapidly evolving. We aim to contribute toward excellence in the industry by rewarding talented students in the field.

◾You must be majoring in a Packaging, Print, Graphic Design or Journalism course in an accredited College or University.

◾The deadline for the 2018 scholarship is 1st June 2019.