Curt E. Liebman MD Scholarship - Can you write an essay about the critical role radiology will play in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer?

Curt Liebman is an accomplished radiologist who has redefined the role of radiology in cancer detection and left his imprint in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Curt Liebman has instituted a scholarship that will be awarded to the most deserving and talented student who is pursuing higher studies specializing in radiology. The scholarship will be awarded to a talented and meritorious student who comes up with a brilliantly written essay on “Discuss what critical role will radiology play in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.
Curt E. Liebman Scholarship has been founded to provide financial assistance to medical students or those pursuing advanced studies in radiology. Curt Liebman has realized the fact that most medical students are not affluent enough to pay for all the medical studies and programs so he has instituted the Curt Liebman Scholarship for a highly talented and dedicated medical student to further his career prospects and aspirations of becoming a dashing doctor, dentist, nurse, psychiatrist, pharmacist or even a radiologist. Liebman is pretty committed to supporting distressed students with monetary aid of $1,000 that will serve as a one-time gift aid for fulfilling the dreams and aspirations of a budding medical professional. After undergrad, students are left with four years of higher studies.
Medical Education Bills- Curt Liebman feels that most medical students are struggling hard to complete undergraduate years without falling into the overpowering debt trap. Curt Liebman knows that there are many challenging years of schooling left and some of the most difficult classes. Medical education bills are exorbitant and Liebman would love to share the burden and overall expenses involved.
Curt Liebman is a well-known radiologist who is very happy to announce a scholarship amount of $1,000 to the most deserving and keen student seeking financial assistance for paying his or her tuition fees. You must consider following the steps discussed below for putting in your application for the scholarship.