Scholarship-Can you take that best photo for posters, frames, or canvas prints and submit them? The photo scholarship topic is “Communicating through photography the concept of freedom related to our lives.”

Welcome to the Artsybucket Scholarship Program
By Vinod on 2 December, 2020
Artsybucket’s scholarship program is a noble and humanitarian initiative to help photography lovers and enthusiasts win prize money for taking the best shot. They can take a photo that best describes freedom for them and submit the same through Google form. From the form, we will collect the name of the students and use on our website We can use the best photo as Artsybucket posters, canvas prints, or for that matter, frames.

This scholarship program aims to help creative people who have artistic skills and are looking for advanced studies in the US. However, they do not have the money to pay for higher studies in the creative fields. The prize money will help the most deserving candidates financially to pay for their college tuition fees.

Scholarship Awards
There are scholarship awards for all categories. Whether you have a penchant for photography, for creating posters, frames, and canvas prints, you can win in several categories. You can also study and work for the prize money simultaneously so that you are not required to take high-interest loans for funding your higher education.

Though there are many scholarships or grants for every American student, aspiring photographers can choose from our scholarship program to study and pursue their passion simultaneously.

You can take as many photos as possible for a wide variety of prints. Then, you need to choose the theme of freedom for the image you take, whether it is for international wall art, art designs, or art posters from all parts of the world.

The scholarship program participants can take photos and ensure the theme is freedom and liberty for all. It could be an image with a catchy quote related to freedom, a work of art for any bedroom, office, hallway, or someplace in a home, where people have something to look at and appreciate.

No matter whether you would like to take breathtaking shots for posters, frames, or canvas prints, use your creativity. You are a photographer, and so you have an eye for detail and aesthetics. Take a one-off picture, which looks stunning, and turn it into beautiful wall art. These days, you can use various tools or resources to take the best photos that turn heads.

Scholarship for the Best Photo
The scholarship for taking the best photo is not easy to bag. It is strictly for the most deserving candidates, who lack the funds to pay for the college or university fee in the United States. It is imperative that students who have a creative bent of mind, especially in taking jaw-dropping photographs, should recognize their skills and abilities in academics and their creative hobbies before time runs out for them.

Once they win the scholarship money for taking the best photograph, it will pave the way for your career goals. It means that you with the prize money do not need to worry about paying expensive college or university tuition fees.

Candidates coming from middle-class or poor-income families can find it challenging to manage their college fees. That is because education costs in the US, even in public educational institutions, have increased manifold. Therefore, these students have no option but to take loans to fund their education. That is where the Artsybucket Scholarship comes into play, helping aspiring candidates with photography skills to win the prize money for their career goals in the days to come.

The photos should be versatile to be used for posters, canvas prints, or frames and decorate walls.

The cash reward is entirely merit-based, and only students who take outstanding photos will bag the scholarship. It could be photos that convey freedom. The pictures could be for posters, canvas prints, as well as frames.

The Artsybucket Scholarship program is a simple, one-time financial assistance or a cash prize of $750 for the most brilliant, creative, and deserving student who can take the best photograph. The photo scholarship topic is “Communicating through photography the concept of freedom related to our lives.”