Trial Pro Scholarship 2021-What have you decided to pursue as a career? What motivates you every day to get out of bed? I

Our car accident attorneys at Trial Pro, P.A. know that an education is a big step forward in achieving your goals and dreams. It paves the way for students to gain knowledge, skills, and experience – all to help them advance their careers. However, we recognize that financial need is a roadblock that often hinders the journey for many individuals, especially those of low-income.
In 2020, students all over the globe were radically affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The virus introduced uncertainty, anxiety, and nevertheless continues to pose several challenges for them. The shift to online education has been accelerated along with campus closures. Students and their families are also facing critical gaps economically. Unfortunately, many have lost their employment. Also, various fundraisers that were once open and available to award scholarships to the community no longer exist. Due to pandemic, the financial burden of college continues to soar through the sky, making it difficult for many students to cross the graduation stage.

As a law firm, we hold a strong commitment with our community and current generation of millennials. Although we carry a strong responsibility to rightfully represent our car accident clients, fighting for higher education is no exception and no less of a priority to us.

$5,000 Academic Scholarship to one Successful and Deserving College Student
Passionate Industry Professionals – Academic Scholarship

The attorneys at Trial Pro, P.A. understand that higher education is imperative for a rewarding future. When considering the financial and social benefits of a college degree, it is easy to see how it can make a vast difference in the life of an undergraduate. We firmly believe in obtaining a valuable education but we are also aware of the high costs students and their families continuously face.

For this reason, our law firm has decided to offer a $5,000 academic scholarship to one successful and deserving college student. This opportunity will be available annually.

The heart and soul of Trial Pro, P.A. is passion. We believe that it is one of the main keys to producing quality results in any career or task. All of our skillful attorneys and team members put forth their best efforts and full commitment to obtain wins in every legal situation. Our law firm is enthusiastically driven every day to provide quality representation to clients.

We are highly experienced and our steadfast motor is to provide assistance to individuals in the area. Just as our professionals are dedicated to help those who have been compromised in personal injury and car accidents, we are also supportive of students who are passionately pursuing their prospective careers.

Piercy Stakelum, Trial Pro, P.A.’s senior trial attorney, is pleased to introduce this academic scholarship. “Our team is passionate about giving back to the community. We love finding ways to volunteer our time, skills and resources whenever they are needed. All of our law professionals understand the hard work and discipline it takes to achieve a higher education. We are also aware that whenever a student is passionate about the industry they are pursuing, they will do anything and everything to reach their ultimate goal. Financial barriers often hinder many people from following their dreams and we are here to make a difference. Our team wants to help students crush that giant.”

Trial Pro, P.A’s $5,000 academic award is available to any recipient in the United States who is currently enrolled full time in high school, full time in college, or in an accredited university. The student is eligible to apply regardless of whether they are pursuing an Associate’s, Bachelor’s, or Master’s degree. They must be enrolled full time in high school or actively attend college on a full-time basis.

What have you decided to pursue as a career? What motivates you every day to get out of bed? Is it the aspiration to become a journalist? Are you driven by the heartfelt desire to treat others as a neurologist? Or does the idea of being a wedding photographer produce butterflies in your stomach? At the end of the day, passion is the fuel that catapults you to the next level. It is the strong desire that inevitably impulses you to persevere until you’ve reached your desired destination.

Sometimes, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows. Often there are days that require more time, effort, and sweat. Regardless of the barriers, do you remain driven? Do you consider yourself endlessly determined to achieve your dream?

If so, we invite you to apply to our academic scholarship. This award is meant to assist those who aspire to impact the world with their craft or innovation. We want to learn about you and read about the motor that compels you to complete your academic degree.

If you’re ready to express your talent with our team, we hope you’ll submit an application. Our law firm looks forward to reviewing all materials and awarding this opportunity to one outstanding student.

To apply, all recipients must review the eligibility criteria and submit the following documents to Trial Pro, P.A. by the specified deadline. Award will be based on individual academic achievement, creativity and strength of the assigned essay.


The scholarship winner will be granted a one-time award of $5,000.
Application deadline: January 15, 2022.