2022 Rotary District 6440 (CTE) Career and Technical Education Vocational Scholarships- (multiple scholarships offered) These scholarships will help you prepare for your future!

Each year Rotary District 6440 offers a number of Career and Technical Education (CTE)/Vocational Scholarships to qualified applicants. Last year 16 scholarships were offered. The basis of the Rotary Scholarships is to recognize the outstanding achievements of men and women who reside within the limits of Rotary District 6440, who are preparing to further themselves in a chosen vocation by attending a community college, technical training institution, or career and technical education training program that provides educational opportunities. Successful applicants will receive $1,500 scholarship awards that can be applied to tuition, books, tools, and supplies that run concurrent with the specific CTE programs being pursued.

SPECIAL NOTE: To be eligible for this scholarship you must be sponsored by and have a connection with Rotary District 6440. Pat Boquist, is a member of the Barrington Breakfast Rotary Club and she has offered to be a point of contact for any student who would like to apply for this scholarship and needs to be connected to the club. Please contact her prior to applying. Her email is: patboquist@gmail.com

See our website for application details: https://rotary6440.org/sitepage/vocational-service

Application packages must include the following:
One complete online application form
Two letters of reference addressing the applicant’s readiness to successfully pursue the proposed CTE training program (examples: from a high school teacher, counselor, principal, employer, or someone from their community)
Transcripts from your high school or college.
Your CTE/Vocational Scholarship Application Rating Form signed by your Sponsoring Rotary Club (see SPECIAL NOTE ABOVE)
Your CTE/Vocational Scholarship Interview Rating Form signed by your Sponsoring Rotary Club (again see SPECIAL NOTE ABOVE)
Submit application and supporting papers to: Margaret Resnick vocscholar@rotary6440.org mobile phone: 847-971-1655